CoH wtf?

I'm sorry this page is a bit outdated, I've got a few other video to put here as well but haven't got around to it yet.

Exodus1's WTF Pios on speed

((=X=))danco's jumping tiger @RelicNews

jumping_tiger.avi (XviD @ 640x512, 772k)

The Magic Chimney of Lorraine @RelicNews

magic_chimney.avi (XviD @ 640x512, 1 222k)

MG teleport @RelicNews

mg_teleport.avi (XviD @ 640x512, 370k)

Why did my volks die instantly? @RelicNews

volks_die_instantly.avi (XviD @ 640x512, 663k)

Created by mwaf. Credit also goes to ((=X=))danco and Exodus1. Last modified: 2007-03-04.